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30th-Mar-2006 09:50 pm - Plot Permission
Comment here before executing major plot ideas or anything drastic.

-If your plot idea involves influencing a large number of people, large explosions, deaths, anything else elaborate, etc... please run them through this post first.

-If you are unsure as to the canon-ality of your plot idea, ask before role playing.

-Major events involving the war, DEs, deaths, etc may be reported in hildailyprophet. If it is something along those lines, please mention the amount of publicity this will recieve.

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24th-Mar-2006 06:03 pm - Friending Tool
Useful tool to having everyone friended.

Friending ToolCollapse )

If I missed you, let me know.
2nd-Mar-2006 10:22 pm - Directory
All members must comment to this post with:

Your Name//Username:
Your Character//Username:

Meet your mod!:
Your Name//Username: Tina // acidroses
Email: quixotical8@gmail.com
AIM/MSN: quixotical8 / NA
27th-Feb-2006 08:56 pm - Quidditch Roster
Keeper - rileyanne_gryff (5th)
Beaters - alyssa_cole (4th), leanne_roslyn (4th)
Chasers - holy_heather35 (5th), cas_meadows (5th), pursues_evans (5th)
Seeker - uber_emily (5th)

Keeper - moore_irish (7th)
Beaters -
Chasers - kissofthefrench (6th), _gabrielle (7th)
Seeker -

Keeper -
Beaters -
Chasers -
Seeker -

Keeper -
Beaters - thisfreespirit (5th)
Chasers -
Seeker -

To apply, comment with:
Character name//Username:
How long your character has been playing Quidditch/flying:

Quidditch teams are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Remember, when we have complete teams, we will have games!
27th-Feb-2006 08:07 pm - Application & Rules
Please read the rules first and then comment to this post with your application.


1. Role-playing takes place MWPP era. The marauders are in their 5th year and it is 1975. Keep all events (canon and RL) relevant to the time.

2. Check the student roster and other characters list for availability before applying.

3. Original characters are welcome and encouraged!! We need those original characters to fill up the school! Remember that we cap it at three OC students of each gender in each year of each house.

4. You are more than welcome to play professors, aurors, Hogsmeade shop-owners and other non-student characters. Dumbledore, Voldemort, and the Minister of Magic are the only exceptions. Keep in mind that Death Eaters, aurors and certain other will not be allowed to interact with students and professors except on special occasions (breaks/holidays, summer, etc.).

5. Post to only one thread at a time. In other words, if your character is in the common room at noon, they must leave the common room before you can post them in the Great Hall thread. Exceptions to this rule include hallways, entrance hall, and special occasion threads.

6. Post the date and the time in the subject line of your comment.

7. To allow ample time for threading, in game days change every four days on Thursdays and Sundays at 12:00 a.m.

8. Each person may have a limit of 3 characters. You must have your first character for a least a month before applying for your second, and so on. We will be checking if you are active before accepting additional characters.

Please put 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good' in the subject line of your app to show that you read the rules.

9. Please keep RPing to a PG-13 rating.

10. Please be respectful to everyone in the RPG. Alternate posting in threads with 3 or more characters so that everyone has a chance to participate. Do not puppet other people's characters without their permission.

11. Major plots must be approved by mods. Contact them before doing anything drastic.

12. Proper grammar and spelling please.

13. Enjoy and have fun!

Remember that if you see any breakage of the rules, don't hesitate to contact the mods.


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